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This page has been superceded by www.michaelstephenfuchs.com. However, I kind of like the early description of my writing, so here it stays for whatever historical value it may have... Cheers! - Michael

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I am the author of four novels and one collection of short fiction. Two of the novels, The Manuscript and Pandora's Sisters, are published by Macmillan. Both are available in print and digital worldwide. The story collection is available in a wide variety of e-book formats, particularly Kindle. The new novels, D-Boys and Counter-Assault, the first two in a series of high-tech, political, special operations actioners, are forthcoming. A third is in production. I'm also working on a collaborative project with dark thriller writer Glynn James.

my work

My work deals predominantly with the central (and prodigiously enduring) problems of philosophy and religion. These include the stark anomaly of human consciousness, the paradox of free will in a mechanistic universe, and the possibility of morality in a world with, palpably, no inherent moral shape to it. Ultimately, I believe the human problem is unary: that of being an exquisitely sensitive spark of awareness irretrievably trapped in a dying hunk of meat and whirling through an empty and Godless cosmos.

I tell fables about people trying to make sense of that. (The fabulous part is that, sometimes, they succeed.) They are helped along, and occasionally head-faked, by the findings of very new and culturally disruptive sciences and technologies such as evolutionary psychology, cognitive neuroscience, genetics/genomics, artificial intelligence, and this wacky Internet thingy. I believe that the insights of these vernal disciplines into our eternal mysteries may be profound.

Perhaps seemingly incongruously, my work also tends to feature rather a lot of slam-bang action – two-fisted gunplay, leaps from burning buildings, demonstrably unstoppable hitmen, complex polygonal Mexican standoffs, white-knuckle computer hacking – all intended to give the reader a ride like Neal Stephenson just strapped him to a rocket, and then John Woo blew it up with a second, bigger, rocket. I believe in the revelatory power of human extremity.

the manuscript

The story of an online document said to hold the answers to humankind's most enduring and important questions. Caught up in a perilous contest to recover and control it are a group of young people so beset by existential unease that they are willing to risk death to know the truth; and others, backed by powerful interests, who have little compunction about killing to keep it hidden. (Much more info, including where to buy, on www.the-manuscript.com.)

don't shoot me in the ass (and other stories)

Stories of action and technology, many set in boom-time Silicon Valley, which also explore themes on the periphery of modernity: emotional and physical survival, quiet heroism in the face of bottomless sublunary absurdity, the lengthening shadows of aloneness, and the meaning of our real and implied commitments to other people – especially when things begin to fall apart. (Links to buy/download at http://www.michaelfuchs.org/ass.)

pandora's sisters

A novel about one woman's search for meaning, solace, and a place in the universe where she belongs. When she discovers a startling and ancient artifact hidden deep within our genetic code, she must face questions such as: If this is a coded message, what might it tell us about what it really means to be human? And to what lengths might powerful agents of both church and state go to cover it up? While exploring the most timeless existential themes in the very timely light of genomics, this is also a quirky, impious, and truly rollicking thriller. (Read on at www.pandoras-sisters.com.)

WWWORDS (random scribblings on the web, 1994-????) – >
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