"Words are, of course, the most
powerful drug used by mankind."

- Rudyard Kipling

People often ask me if I'm a vegetarian vegan for "ethical, or health reasons?" Heh.

Some folks persist in believing in the Bill of Rights, oh, except for the second one.

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I'm not a Digital Elitist,
but I play one on Suck:
 Back In the Bottle
 Doesn't Hurt Me A Bit

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words.
Me And The Nipple Tassle WomanTM.
Most of the important questions have now been in answered in Steven Pinker's How the Mind Works. Did I answer one outstanding?
In these investment-crazy days, I frequently find myself explaining Modern Portfolio Theory.
You should probably be driving more carefully. You should probably be doing everything more carefully.
Let's talk about the meaning of life, evolutionary psychology (in general), consciousness as an adaptation in a fluctuating ancestral environment (in particular), memetics, morality as negotiation, the physical location of the soul, strict determinism, satori, extropianism, the beauty of genetic imperatives, the "happiness treadmill," expanding circles of compassion, immortality, nano-medicine, temporality, and post-human consciousness.
They once asked me Seven Questions.