There Were People Here Before Us

They were born of their mothers' bodies and they screamed and ate and shat and crawled on the floor. They stood up and got in trouble and fought with their fathers and endured their peers and tried to learn how to be humans in the world. They fell in love and got dumped and became adults and tried to hack a living out of the earth or the sea or the markets or their fellows. They endeavored or didn't and succeeded or failed. They felt time drain through their lives like the brook through the meadow, and they saw the minutes and years of their lives, and their youth, and every breath they took and every thing they touched disappear in a slightly hazy distance. They saw the sun set. Growing old and feeble, they laid down and--smiling or screaming--they took their great last sleep and trundled off for Stygian shores.

You haven't done or felt a goddamned thing these people didn't, and neither have I.

It's always the same thing, the same struggle, the same singularity of existing as a spark of consciousness in this place. We sit here on this wet rock, gazing up at an unimaginable dome, plagued by consciousness, tortured by this longing for only a glimpse of the Infinite, the Divine, the Good, the True, or maybe just the Neat-o. Even feeling LOVE every once in a while, imagine that.

Everyone looked up at the Moon. And everyone pondered what the hell they were meant to be doing here. It's that simple.

Happily, many of them were brilliant and eloquent, and they left their comments.

Lucky thing.

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