Even Bigger Tossers
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BRAVO! London, you tell those idiots they will never, ever wine. And, if they think they will, they just need to meet up with a bunch of middle-aged housewives who have very little estrogen left. We'll show them just how tacky they are and, how useless violence is.

For the Muslim community, please, please continue to speak out against these idiots. We know your religion is one of peace and, like you; we are saddened that a few warped minds cast shadows of evil on a wonderful faith.

While living in France I see (and know) many lovely Muslims, beautiful moms pushing carriages full of darling children. Like the rest of us, they don't deserve this sad attempt to change the world.

Peace, understanding and kindness to others will never fail us!



Many thanks, Ella. Lovely sentiment, much appreciated. Thanks also for subscribing. (Here I am, responding to comments! I'm responding!) - msf

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