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Mandy Moore

I am ridiculously excited for you. I can't help but wonder, though, whether being a bestseller would be a good thing or a bad thing for a book that I'm assuming is designed for hyper-intellectual readers with formal training in philosophy (or at the very least, designed to impress those people). If the masses love it, is it not intellectual enough? The masses have an average IQ of 100, after all...


Thanks, Mandy. 8^) In response, I'd say:

1) Being a bestseller is *always* a good thing. It may be hard for a good or smart book to become one [and that's another argument, and of course I open myself to a reasonable charge of snobbery by suggesting it], but if it does manage to become a bestseller, that's great all around, in my view. Especially for the author. But also for the readers!

2) I sometimes - apparently immodestly - describe myself as an "intellectual". But "intellectual" means "interested in ideas", not "smart"! Same with the book, and it's target audience.

3) Frankly, the book has a lot more gunfights than formal philosophical proofs. 8^) Maybe I need to adjust the marketing slant, but I wrote the book very intentionally to be a great deal of fun - a blast, really - to read . . . I can only hope I succeeded . . .


Very exciting news! I can't wait for the release, and plan on buying the first copy to be shipped to Canada. I can't wait to see the bill from the guys at the border. Regardless, I'll be needing a signed photograph of the author mailed along, so that I can con.. err.. convince other colonials to be smart and buy good. Keep us posted Michael, and congratulations on achieving the dream :)


Damn dude.... do you look like an author, or what?


http://I'm not bloggy

This is so exciting. I shall have to break my habit of buying a book and letting all my friends 'borrow' it. I shall organise a field trip to the bookstore and force each of them to buy it :-)

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