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your image link doesn't appear to work across the pond :(


My server has been being abysmally flakey; I expect it timed out while your browser was loading the image. Sorry! Please try reloading the page. Or you can use the direct link, which is:


Quit either

a) recycling fragments of your e-mails to me on your blog


b) recycling fragments of your blogs in e-mails to me

If you want me to subscribe to your damn blog it better not be redundant or I will have no motivation to read it.

I can be sassy because I've been nice all day.
Consider this a small dose of verbal krav maga; exhilarating, no?



Ever see that film, Condor Man, where the main character is a comic strip artist who feels that he needs to act out his action scenarios - jumping off the Eifel Tower in a condor suit, for example - before his readers will believe him? *that* was research.

I'm tempted by the attack pyjama stuff myself, having done a lot in my yoof - not sure I'm up to the knuckle-pressups-on-concrete routine anymore. Still, like you say, it's a good laugh - unless your diaphragm is in muscle failure. Then it's a weak smile.

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