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I believe I was not the only sister to use the word "creepy."


hmm, I think I would be less disconcerted if A) there was a hint of clothing in the picture, and B) you were looking AT the camera, maybe, What are you looking at anyway? No, don't tell me! AHH! nooooo the image has already implanted itself in my mind! My Eyes!


Hey, what do you want, there's already a foetus on the cover. I'd say that pretty much sets the tone.

Nonetheless - sorry.



Definitely porn star hair. Way too frightening for words......


Sadly, I have to agree with Danielle- that picture is a bit creepy and the wet hair lends itself toward uber-porn star persona. On a lighter note- I am so excited the US release is today! I have it already pre-ordered on can't wait!


Based on everyone elses responses here, i think it would be a wonderful idea to leave it there!

Actually I didn't see any of that, I just looked at the piccie and thought "how i hate blokes who are older than me that still have a decent hairline"....grrr.


Oh yeah! awesome news on the book launches!


I have to agree with Glynn above who thought you looked naked and were checking yourself out.

Perhaps if you reshoot that photo but add a great big smile. You could also hold a vat of butter high like maybe you were a naked housewife from the 1950's who also happened to be an author and wanted you to try some branded butter.

Just throwing that out there.


It belatedly occurred to me that I probably like it because it's reminiscent of this:

Albeit DFW's clothed.

Off to pick up some butter during lunch.

david i

I dunno, ace--I didn't immediately go to the porn-star conclusion, but it DOES look a little gym class. Which admittedly is strange for an author photo...

It seems to be weirding people out, though, so you should probably keep it.


I just noticed that here are two different versions of the Pandora's sisters cover. On your website and the Macmillan one it's the one with the fetus, and on the site its a hand (i think) instead.

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