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You'll note this dispatch is free of editorial content. However, just to head off one inevitable criticism: Yes, I know equally (or nearly equally) awful crap can be dredged out of both the New and (particularly) the Old Testaments. But, the thing is, Jews and Christians aren't trying to murder me. (And I'm not speaking in the abstract. The train I ride to work in the morning was blown up in the name of Allah; and the jihadis had a go at BA's London to NYC route, which I've been known to fly before.)

There are over a billion Muslims out there - some non-trivial number of whom are extremely avid pursuers of such activities as blowing people up because they've gone to nightclubs, burning down embassies to express displeasure with editorial decisions on cartoon pages, hacking off journalists' heads (my sister's a journalist), imprisoning rape victims, flogging teachers who misname dolls, and not to mention establishing world-wide theocracy - and all of whom take this book to be God's literal word and inviolable instruction. Seemed like it might be a good idea to read the thing and find out what it actually says.

There have been a number of surprises, not least this: I always thought Jew-hatred was just taught in the madrassahs and mosques. Turns out it's actually inscribed in their Holy Book, in God's Own Hand. Who knew.

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