Pretty Much My Take on the Archbishop of Canterbury's Calls For Islamic Law in the United Kingdom, From a Recent Exchange
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Joeboy (via Michael)

Joe Laltrello has also submitted to me the winning comment on this. He hasn't actually given me permission to post it, but I'll ask forgiveness later . . . Bwahahaha! - ed


BTW, while I am commenting on things, this guy [the Archbishop] is my write-in candidate for the Neville Chamberlain Prize for the Advancement of British Freedom.

I am not sure I follow his logic.

"Someone brought a cricket bat to the football pitch? We better incorporate it. It's only fair. They brought it all this way to our match. It's the least we could do. It's a forgone conclusion that if enough cricket fans show up, we should just switch games, or at least, put their bats into play."

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