The West Highland Way
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I don't think falafel can be described as creamy. Just sayin'.


Yes. You've got me there. I was kind of wondering what I meant by that - but that's what my notes said, so I went with it! Perhaps I meant that it had kind of a creamy/smooth texture. You know, moist, rather than dry. Or maybe there was some kind of creamy tahini dip. I don't know. I'm just reachin'.

And a lot of the notes are only going to get less coherent from here - as my memory fades, and especially as I get into the bits that got terrifically rain spattered(/smeared).


I have pretty decent recall, but my internship has taught me that writing up the full version of my notes the same day is crazy useful (otherwise all the sob stories start to sound the same).

I'd go with crunchy, savory, nutty, tangy.


More importantly, how the hell was your SF trip??!! Have you got your pictures up yet? If so, will you put a link here? And can we just conduct an all-day correspondence via this comments section??!! Stay tuned to find out!



I stepped off the plane this morning, then came straight to work (one pit stop in between). Absolutely no pics up yet, but it was a fantastic trip - lots of walking, inadvertent art, neuroscientists, Sheila on npr, great food, and occasionally too much alcohol. Seeing cousin Renee, and two old friends, really sealed the deal.

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