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I've heard one good comment (on BBC no less) in defense of Bale that I think is worth noting.

What the lighting manager did was akin to a work crew walking into the middle of a courtroom and setting up a ladder behind the judge to adjust the lights while a trial is going on. No one would blame the judge for throwing the guy out and perhaps handing down a contempt charge....

Bale may be a winey pants prima dona, but the lighting guy was so far outside the normal bounds of respect and behavior that he deserved a good dressing down.


As I understand it, it wasn't a lighting guy - it was the DP (director of photography). So, to adjust your metaphor, it would be a bit more like: the judge gets up and walks behind the hot-shot lawyer while he's cross-examining a witness - and the lawyer stops and curses at him for three minutes forty seconds.

And Bale's excuse, in his "apology", was apparently that he was still in his (half-deranged) character when he cut loose. Sure, big guy.

I don't know. I just like the dance mix.

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