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As long as you're on the subject. "Hurt Locker" is probably the best "war on terror" flick made to date:

Bomb Squad tee-shirt motto: "If you see me running, catch up"



You know, I was really jazzed about that film. I'm a big Kathryn Bigelow fan. (Or, at any rate, I'm the only person I know who really loves Point Break.) But I was let down. I wasn't expecting a pure, dumb actioner or anything; but I felt it kind of turned into this weird, moody, slow art-house aspirant kind-of-thing.

It's good that it's shed some light on the EOD guys, though.

I didn't mention, but should have, that technically Major Hunter is a 'counter-terrorist bomb disposal specialist'. This is essentially a special forces role - and is as selective, demanding, and skills-intensive as that implies.

His book, by the way, makes that movie feel, thrills-wise, like a pleasant snooze in the shade in the countryside.

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