Black Tidings
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your girlfriend

'Scarlett Johannson in this one scene manages to just efficiently and ineluctably and kind of really heavy-handedly make every single one of the rest of us out here feel:

* Unattractive,
* Overweight,
* Not terribly bright,
* Weak,
* Defenseless,
* Untalented,
* Unskilled,
* Untechnical,
* Unlimber,
* Underdressed (or, at the very least, really not at all interestingly dressed),
* Trivially Employed/Engaged,
* Generally Really Just Not Good-Looking At All,
* Profoundly Lacking In Style,
* Ditto Substance,
* Seriously Underconfident,
* So Spectacularly Unglamourous that we need like a much, much stronger word for unglamourous than we've actually got
* Having A Bad Hair Aeon
* &c. &c. &c.'


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