Vier and Sechs in Munchen
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Hate to be the guy that always brings stuff like this up but your picture popus are broken in Google Chrome.


Ha! No, I really appreciate it. I mean, if I can't count on you for that kind of thing . . .

The truly hilarious thing is, I'm pretty sure this is a perfect repeat of the last time you sent me such a bug report - maybe 8 years ago? I probably still have the amusing mail from the episode somewhere, but the gist is I was using a totally, obviously reserved word - I think it was 'self' - as a variable name.

Guess what the problem was this time? When my image pop-up script's calculating window sizes, and image sizes, and where to position the latter in the former by x and y value and whatnot, what does it call the value it's working out for the y edge of the image? 'top'! Get it? 'top' - not a great var name in JavaScript with windows and parents and the whole DOM and whatnot.

It seems I'm no more clever than I was 8 years ago.

(The real tragedy is that I'm going to spend my life patching up these scripts, as technologies evolve away from where they were when I started . . .)


Fantastic. I think last time I had more time on my hands and suggested a fix.

You could always switch to something like jQuery and let somebody else worry about it!

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