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So, my family has a story about hiking to Stonehenge.

My heroic grandfather who is 94 now and the epitome of the "greatest generation" was a captain in the US Army when the war broke out, and made a Colonel at the age of 26 when they shipped him overseas. He served as the quartermaster for the 29th US Infantry Division and walked (or rode in a jeep) from Normandy to Berlin (He’s got a great story of he and his brother crossing the Russian lines and going down into Hitler's bunker while the fires were still burning inside it, and also seeing the "pit" with parts of Hitler’s and Eva's charred clothes in it too, but that's another story). After the war, he was an elected judge for 40 years, owned the oldest continually operating business in the state of MD, and even ran for US senate. He was also the head Poohbah of the Masons in the US for a time.

Needless to say, he’s got some great stories.

Anyhoo, the 29th was sent to assist in protecting England from invasion before D-Day. They were stationed at Boscombe Down air field.

One day I asked Granddad if he’d ever been to Stonehenge.
“Oh sure, dozens of times!”
“Yeah, we had to run 20 miles once a week, so every week we’d pack lunch, run the 10 miles to Stonehenge, eat lunch on the rocks, and then run back to base. We did that for three years before D-Day.”

So, Stonehenge has a long past of military men hiking to and from it…


Nice. I'll take that story with me on the day.

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