A World Without Shia Labeouf
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The fact that he's in fairly disposable films (Big Budget Bruckheimer crap or unnecessary sequels to give it some youth interest) should make you feel better. Given Hollywood's creative vacuum of late, it's not a shock. The latest? Back to the Future reboot..starring Justin Bieber.

We have a movie about fucking facebook by two guys who are supposedly skilled craftsman.

There's a movie based on the game Battleship currently shooting.

Movies are there to keep studios in business. Get the quick payday and get out 3 weeks later.

Your auteurs are in television. Shawn Ryan and sometimes his silent partner David Mamet, David Simon, Kurt Sutter, Terence Winter, Vince Gilligan.

I can't stand Mad Men so I'm not giving that dude props.


You're not the only one to hate Shia "The Beef".

He definitely fills the droopy-eyed-sort-of-hot-but-whose-relatives-had-Hollywood-connections-to-get-him-his-big-break-jewish-pinup-boy-of-the-week role that we've all become so accustomed to living through.

However, there is really no rant I can make about The Beef and that God-Aweful movie Transformers 2 that can hold a candle to this true gem of the Internet:


While he's a bit of an assbag, I have to say that his part in Indiana Jones was accidental to its stupendous failure. Edit his part completely out of the movie and it was still disastrous. The real question ought to be about why Lucas keeps f-ing up his legacy. Can't he make terrible movies about new stories and stop pissing on my childhood memories?


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