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So basically, you wanted to be considered an imperialist in the 50% of the globe that wasn't already controlled by the US? :>


Yep. Also, I figure if I'm in the middle of a terrorist attack, I can whip out my UK passport instead of my US one - and decrease my chances of being summarily executed by 0.0005%. 8^)

Not remotely incidentally, actually, I can also now live and work in all 27 EU nations. (I'd also have a really easy time slipping into little Commonwealth nations such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa - if I weren't already so damned old.)


Speaking if immigrants...

Synopsis: “Our experiment in multi-culturalism has failed utterly. Free train rides will be offered to specially-policed homogeneous cultural villages where full work opportunities will be offered to all non-Germans and non-Christians.”

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