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funny how the same video can strike two peole very differently. I'm a cautious supporter of the government - though I don't like (as in, warm to) Cameron or Osborne, and I do warm more to Ed Milliband as a person.

Cameron never answered the question. I'm not sure why such a draconian spending reduction plan could not or should not contain contingency arrangements in case we go back into reession and spiralling unemployment. Of course, I hope it doesn't happen, though I'm not sure that anyone really knows.

Decent chap, Milliband, and he's made a decent beginning. No idea if he'll gather together a decent philosophy and plan around him. Of course they don't have a coherent plan yet, so that was a cheap jibe from Cameron at the end, who does snooty really rather too well. I prefer Ed's stuttering, it is a lot more human.


Ha! that brought you out of the woodwork. Perhaps it was only a lure for the purpose.

Great as always to get the contrary perspective, which I can always count on being masterfully articulated by Barney.

Also a reminder that - certainly at least as regards style, which is really what this post was about - de gustibus non disputandum est.

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