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I tend to think of Ferris as a modern day Barnum after looking at his last book.

Interested in your take after reading criticism.


Yeah, on certain levels, he's certainly a bit of a snake oil salesman. (That was literally how he got started: selling snake oil, i.e. supplements.)

But I think, overall, he's pretty righteous. And I think any honest commentator will admit he's got *a lot* of interesting ideas/useful tips.

I actually have a lot I'd like to say about the fellow and his writing, if I get around to it.


4 hourwork week was interesting, but close to impossible for most non-entrepreneurs to get into

I can't send my job india, for example.

The kickboxing story was never really confirmed. :)

It seems Ferriss is a master of "loophole" or half truth, and I wonder what he did with his body or tells you that is actually useful.

The fact that he has legions of social media accounts that attack criticisms raises suspicions for me.

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