The Secret History of the Military Adventure Novelist
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Wow. you're totally on an active watch list....


Best part - I'm looking at some of these things while *sitting in a building of the central government*. The actual MI5 building itself (Thames House) is physically... let's see, from Google Maps, looks like about 6000 feet from here.


I found reading that history list surprisingly enjoyable.

I wish I could have you design our book covers at work. You make it look so easy, and our designer is a twat.


Aww. Thanks awfully. I'm pleased the history wasn't a total bore (I worry a lot when I post things like that, or like anything, really). And thanks for the design flattery. I'm just an avid hack. (Only yesterday, I finally learned to use layer masks in Photoshop properly, which was about 10 years overdue...) Keep in mind that mine only have to work on the screen. Designing for print is a bit trickier.



Brilliant idea, I want to read it more than ever. This should be the "blurb" on the book jacket.


Our uncle Jack learned Farsi during his Peace Corps stint.

I sat in on a friend's band practice the other day, and heard one of the band's new songs, talking about reaching for the "gold ring." I could not hold back, at the end of the song, "It's BRASS ring!" (you idiot!). While writing the song, he had googled it, and been validated by all of the others who messed up their metaphor. The bass player said, "Google it, and you'll find hundreds of answers. Ask a librarian, and you'll get the right one."


*full disclosure: the bassist is a librarian.


I finally had to fix a misspelling here when it became obvious, from my stats reports, that every (other) idiot who couldn't spell ended up there looking for "Las Vegas tatoo parlors." It was one of my most popular pages for awhile.

And cheers, Guthrie. Very heartening stuff to hear. 8^)

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