Avengers Abridgeable
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So I just got out of said movie. You just posted this to try to scare away a bunch of people so you could get better seats when you went back to see it a second time, right?

(Also a reminder that I'm in town soon.)


“It just got to the point where it didn’t make any sense.” - Phil Strub, the Defense Department’s Hollywood liaison, on why DoD dropped support for the film ("Pentagon Quit The Avengers Because of Its ‘Unreality’")

Independent confirmation. ;^)


You're upset that a movie about superheroes fighting aliens had a military body for which there is no real-world equivalent and the way in which it is organized and operated with respect to national governments is not clearly explained in the film?

Fair enough, I guess. But in that case you should blame the Marvel comics, not the movie. The film's treatment of SHIELD was canon; it is Marvel's (and comics'!) history of multiple universes and storyline reboots that I think is really at issue here.

Also, it was *fun*. And it had good dialogue. And strong characterization. And explosions. And a flying helicarrier. *C'mon, dude.*


Oh, yes. Nearly forgot about the helicarrier. (There it goes now, zooming right over the DMZ between fantastical and dumbass...)


Though I did quite enjoy the 'heroic engine repair' scene - a useful reminder to the punters that, if anyone is going to save humanity, it's going to be the scientists and engineers.

(Then again... while Tony Stark knowing how to, and having the wherewithal to, repair a blown-up helicarrier engine just slips into the realm of plausibility... that he could provide all the instruction in helping him needed by an infantry soldier from the 40s with "Pull the big red lever when I say so"... does not. Thus does the writer effect the ruination of an otherwise great sequence.)

Glynn James

I haven't seen it and it's unlikely that I will.
I'm not into super hero films except maybe the anti hero film "Hancock".

BUT Avengers has Scarlett Johansson in it so everything else is forgiven, right? "Military Body" in that context has a very different meaning does it not?

“It just got to the point where it didn’t make any sense.” - Phil Strub
/points at Scarlett Johansson
The point is right there :)

"If anyone is going to save humanity, it's going to be the scientists and engineers."

Good point. Epiphany! We need to add a new female engineer or scientist to our novel "experiment". Then when we are asked to help cast the film...I don't even need to say it do I?
Actually let's do both! A scientist AND an engineer. Then we can cast Kate Beckinsale as well...

I'm not suggesting we sell out or anything. No No No.

Disclaimer: My wife is hotter than SJ and KB. And I agree with her.

Glynn James

Oh and I did a word count. We just tipped 32,000 words after my three day "zone".

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