Tour du Mont Blanc - Day Three
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If you were paying attention, there's no mention of how I forded the runaway runoff runnel.
So, among the stupid things I did on this trip, I decided I could jump it. There were a couple other folks who were there (another group of hikers that doesn't really show up in the pictures) and there were one or two other brave/stupid souls who were scouting for another way. 3 made the attempt, but only 2 made it (me included) across dry. The third paid the boot-in-stream price with some bloody shin as a side order. I think, after this, I waded.

It's funny how in so many of these pictures, I am pointing. That happened a lot, though. You could just make out others ahead - Ghost Hikers of our Future, although sometimes they were doing the route the other direction.

We passed at least 10 groups of 2 or 3 hikers coming the other way; always there was this sort of international mumble of Bonjour/Bongiorno/G'Day as we passed each other.


I'd forgotten that! (Your leap to glory.)

The reason you were always pointing is that you're Mark "Vision" Pitely! Mark has scarily good vision - both in the sense of resolution of detail at distance, and in the sense of noticing things first. He will very frequently spot some amazing thing, then point it out to me - and with much effort, I can just see what he's talking about. And every time, it's like: Damn! How the hell did you spot that?! I can barely make it out when you're pointing right at it! Between that, and his interest in/mastery of the micro-world of insects and reptiles, believe me that you see a lot more of any trip you're on, when Mark is along with you.

Yes, there were the odd other groups of hikers we passed. But it's worth noting, though I haven't noted it before this, how the vast majority of our pictures have just us, and the amazing landscape, in them - and nothing else. This is the benefit of going so early in the season. (The costs of going so early have been sufficiently illustrated, or will be.) I am assured that, try this same walk in August, and it's a lot more like a hiker highway.

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