Remembrance Day 2012
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Very sweet, but just crosses? No other symbols?


Good point. The (original) symbolism hadn't remotely occurred to me. Then again, Rich celebrated Christmas a lot more recently than he celebrated Hannukah, so maybe it wouldn't have occurred to him either...


He celebrated Christmas - the family gathering with all the good food; he wasn't jesus-y at all.


Yes, the UK does an excellent job and so does your "homeland". Jody and I have been volunteering with the Georgia Veterans Day Parade Association of Atlanta since we lost his WWII serving parents. You'll see everyone's efforts on their facebook page. What made me appreciate this organization was their motto "freedom through service" and the fact that parade entries throughout the years have included "Veterans for Peace".
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Ella - I did see that on facebook. Thanks very much for your and Jody's work with that organization, which help keep Veterans Day strong in the US. And my thanks to Jody's parents for their service. Thanks also for chiming in. Hope to see you soon.


Your Girlfriend

Wonderful day!!!!


And yet a lot of kids these days just look puzzled when asked what they know about the war(s).

And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's sad that the very last person to serve during world war I passed away in February. (She died a few days away from being eleventy-one)
They've all gone.

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