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Oh well, if no one’s gonna do it, I will: It’s an Infinite Jest reference.


Also: #1 shirt: David Foster Wallace, #2 shirt: Tea Party-coopted symbology? I am insanely curious as to what this prize I’ve just won is gonna turn out to be.


I'm afraid the prize was actually intended to be a marriage proposal. (It also originally said something about the "the first eligible bachelorette to...")I changed the wording to avoid pissing off my girlfriend. I'd feel even worse than I do, but it does say "in the wild"! - i.e. while I'm out running in it.

The second is the Gadsden flag. As the back notes, it's from a gun shop and shooting range in, ahem, Woodstock, Georgia. I'm sure the Tea Party did coopt it. It certainly coopted my best friend, who took me to that gun range.

Sorry this probably wasn't the result you were hoping for!

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