ARISEN, Book Twelve - Carnage
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Thanks for two books in a month. The only thing I didn't love about the book was finishing it and knowing I have to wait a while for the next one. Once again almost flawless, though I did notice a little Warchild/Badger confusion during the fight on the plane.
I think I may start reading the series again while I wait.

Mary Lee

I am wondering how many more Arisen books will be coming out. Me and many others are waiting until completed to start your series. Just too big to try to remember everything. Since every author has taken up writing series, it taxes the small amount of memory I got left in my almost old age to try to remember characters and events in a hundred plus series. :)


Hi, Mary. Totally understand. I've long marvelled that, somewhere out there, is the first person who will get to read the series straight through. (Many readers, of course, have been here since the beginning, waiting 3-9 months over and over again for each instalment!) Two more books in the main series, coming out next year. (

Mary Lee

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for the quick reply! Very impressive. I used to read series, but being an avid reader, once I started trying to juggle and remember over 100 series at once, I had to stop. Especially as I tend to like the same type of books, it was too easy to mix them up. I very look forward to your completed series. It looks so awesome! Military zombie books are my faves. I notice you put out your huge books quickly too, as I am sure your readers really appreciate. I wish I had the discipline to write like that. I would have so many more Murder mystery games out. :)


Is Carnage coming to Audible anytime soon?


Yes, probably within the month. Launch announcements will be in the usual places - on the mailing lists and facebook groups.

Anonymous Bastard

When will book 13 and 14 be out?

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