Three High Passes of Everest
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What an amazing trip and achievement. What sort of camera did you use for those photos? They look great but I wouldn't think you'd want to lug a very big one up Everest. Looking forward to hearing more about it in person x


Thanks, Nicole. 8^) All those were taken with the good ole Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile - these were my instant-post-to-fb shots. Probably inevitably, they turned out better than the ones taken with the giant Fujifilm w/40x zoom I had hanging around my neck with every laboured step... See you Thursday. x

Global Holidays Adventure Pvt.Ltd

Thank You so much for portraying the beauty of Nepal in your words. This can be the great help for all the people in an isolated area nearby the tourist destination to earn their living. I loved the blog.
Much love from Nepal.

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