"Deeply, Dangerously Alone"
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Powerful insight. The decline of church-going is probably contributing to the ills he mentions, though I don't necessarily recommend increasing it as the antidote. Lots of downside to go along with it.


Great extended quote. Associations:
1. Kim Stanley Robinson in _40 Signs of Rain_. Deliberate introduction of elements humans experienced regularly 50k years ago -- sleeping outside, intermittent fasting, hunting/stalking (photo naturalism or frisbee golf as modern, weapon-free versions) -- are more likely to satisfy the human mind than geologically-instantaneous common practices like texting and facebooking indoors under humming fluorescent lights.
2. Robert Putnam in _Bowling Alone_. Not necessarily tribal, but points to the steep decline in social association of all sorts in current-day 24/7 culture of strangers.

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