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2002.10.03 : A Whole New Bunny

    Reader response to the Bunny Episode was lively and varied. Thanks equally to those who ooh'd and ahh'd at the high cuteness involved; gently indicted me for being such a nancy about the whole thing; provided a bit of genuine empathy regarding my initial shock and horror (including a comparison to a disturbing rat experience in India); and suggested a highly amusing title change.

Mainly, I'm writing briefly to report that the Bunny Episode does have a very happy ending. I went down early this morning – and found a whole new bunny. Not only had she eaten all of her rabbit food overnight (which she hadn't seemed inclined to go near yesterday), but she seemed totally rejuvenated: fluffy fur, bright eyes, better posture, attentive aspect. Check it out. Mostly, look at those big perky ears – totally different from the sodden, laid-back, shrunken antennae of yesterday. Moreover, Alex (after e-mail consultation with a rabbit rescue and reclamation expert) fed her some more – "Sorry to tell you babe, but this is probably the last, best food you're ever going to get in your life" – then took her down to the woods by the pool, and sent her on her way. By all accounts, she was off like a shot. All's well that ends well.

Though you can bet I checked the pool out pretty carefully before I got in this morning.

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