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2005.07.21 : Even Bigger Tossers

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Subject: Michael Still Fine; New Bombers Even Bigger Tossers
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 15:32:34

In the days following the attacks two weeks ago, the natural
resilience, sang-froid, and stoicism - not to mention
sarcasm and dismissiveness - of Londoners seemed to coalesce
into a more or less unified reaction to the bombers:

     "Sod off, you tossers."

This was nicely amplified in a Letter to the Terrorists,
from London:


Anyway, news on what happened today is very scanty, but from
the reports it sounds to me like these arsehead's detonator
caps, or primer charges, went off - but not their main
charges! Bwahahaha!

These guys are even bigger wankers than the original guys.
They couldn't even blow up.

Maybe I'll get to walk home again tonight. It's lovely out.
Had a fantastic run in the Royal Parks earlier in the day;
albeit I had to jog in place for nearly 5 minutes while some
unbidden Australian military band paraded down the Mall to
Buckingham Palace. I'm trying to run here!

Love, Michael

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