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2006.12.25 : Harangue Hits Home

Way, Way Too Close To Home

From: "Abbe Macbeth"
To: "michael stephen fuchs"
Subject: RE: Razor's Edge 2006.12.21
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 00:13:32 +0000

Michael - it's very interesting that you sent this out just
now.  I know you always do, but the timing is especially
ironic this year.

Last Wednesday (Dec 13), I was involved in a very serious car
accident.  Exactly what you said was most common happened: I
was on a two lane road (Georgetown Pike), heading towards
495  to go to work, and the traffic was fairly heavy.  I was
coming around a curve, and suddenly a large white van was
coming  straight at me, in my lane.  I got hit almost head on
- he crashed into my driver's side front wheel, crushing the
whole front of my (brand-new) car, and causing a lot of

I was INCREDIBLY lucky.  No cuts, no breaks, just lots of
bruises and a pretty bad case of whiplash, as well as burns
from the seatbelt and a little chest pain from the airbag.
But as of today, I am feeling much better - the healing is
coming along nicely.  I had a series of neck xrays, as well as
a CT scan of my abdomen, as I had some abdominal pain, but
everything has come back negative, so things could have been
much worse.  My car was totaled, and I am waiting to hear from
the other guy's insurance company (hopefully tomorrow) as to
what they are going to offer.  He was 100% at fault - got a
ticket for failure to control a vehicle - so I guess that's a

I was (and still am) very shaken up - couldn't get the feel or
sound of the crash out of my head for a few days.  I just
drove for the first time yesterday, and I am very apprehensive
when I see vehicles similar in appearance heading towards me -
I am definitely taking larger roads now.

So, I am ok, but I wanted to let you know.  It's been quite an
experience - I haven't been able to get to work, as only in
the past couple of days have I been able to turn my head at
all.  I still have some abdominal pain, and some nasty
bruises, but I am getting better.  I'm just trying to take it
easy until after the holidays, when I think I will be much
better and can get back to work.

In happier news, I am so glad that you're back in the country,
and if you want to come by and visit, please let me know when
- our guest room is yours.

I hope you have a very happy holiday, and I will talk to you


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