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2007.01.20 : Mirror on the Soul
Plus Direly Random Smack: S1Ws vs SW3s
And Also A Bit on Blenders

"The wing of melancholia flicks at me today, perhaps because I have learnt nothing new here, perhaps because of my bad night, perhaps because of my dreams."
- Graham Greene, Congo journal

S1Ws versus SW3s

(And if you get this . . . that pretty much makes me and you, on the entire planet.)

At 21:22 31/01/2007, michael stephen fuchs wrote:
> Mainly, actually, I live on these enormous fruit-and-soya
> frappes. Live on. As in no day complete. It's like an
> emotional need at this point. I go through blenders like
> other people go through trainers. No, more quickly than that.
> I've literally run 8 or 12 blenders into the ground in my
> career. I'm talking broken blades. Stripped rotors. Cracked
> pitchers. And, most vividly and surprisingly commonly, actual
> smoke coming from the motor out of the housing. Smoke. I burn
> blenders out. Seemingly no matter how much I pay for them.
> Just right here beside me I've got a 60 Kenwood Smoothie
> Pro. The Pro model. It's got a 700w motor. It's got a 2-litre
> jug. It's all glass and steel. And now it's got a completely
> stripped blade/base unit. And I bought it last month. I
> confess this is irregular, and I'm kind of pissed off about
> it. This one's so flash, I'm going to go to the trouble of
> getting a replacement part for it. But, probably totally
> needless to say, I had to stop the gap: Up on the counter
> I've got a 450-watt Russell Hobbs Simply Smoothie device.
> Kind of crap really: loud, underpowered, plastic jug. But I
> suppose it will do as a back-up. I ran out and bought it
> 9 minutes before the ironmonger closed on a Sunday night.

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