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2009.10.28 : Bring a Soldier Home
(To His or Her Kids)
"The happiest moments in my life all deal with my little family. I will always have with me the small moments we all shared. The moments when you quit taking life so serious and smiled. The sounds of a beautiful boy's laughter or the simple nudge of a baby unborn. You will never know how complete you have made me. You saved me from loneliness and taught me how to think beyond myself. You taught me how to live and to love. You opened my eyes to a world I never dreamed existed."
- Army Pfc. Jesse A. Givens, in his last letter home
What do you tell a toddler who wants Mommy to tuck him in when Mommy is in Afghanistan? How does a family cope when Daddy is gone and no one knows when he'll be back?

One of the hidden costs of war is the heartbreaking separation of children from their soldier parents. That's why the USO has teamed up with United Through Reading: to help families stay close when Mommy or Daddy is deployed far from home.

Support our troops by supporting their kids

The United Through Reading Program provides access to books, cameras, DVDs and mailers at USO locations worldwide. Soldiers are video-recorded reading books and talking to their children. Back home, when kids miss Mommy or Daddy, they can insert a DVD to see and hear the one they love and connect in a way that simply isn't possible through letters and photos.

Our troops willingly choose a life of service and sacrifice. But the children they leave behind have no choice. Your tax-deductible donation now can make a world of difference to a child whose parent is half a world away. Thank you for your support.

Help Support The USO - Forward this to a friend.

[An excellent birthday present opportunity for those who might be a little behind on the birthday present front. ;^) - Michael]

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