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Freakin’ Paperbacks

I wasn't going to post about these until they're actually on sale. (We're still correcting and tweaking them.) But, what the hell, with the prior dispatch – and declaration of independence from traditional publishing – it seems timely.

I give you: proof copies of our paperback editions. And they're totally gorgeous. (All conceivable credit to my awesome writing partner Glynn, who designed them, top to bottom.)

ARISEN paperbacks

Here's what I wrote Glynn about why I was (for a while inexplicably) so freaking excited about these.

This, to my mind, is well beyond a revolution – it's little short of a miracle. Here I have in hand beautiful paperback editions of the first half and a bit (about 500,000 words) of the epic story that Glynn and I have spent the last two years of our lives imagining – and there's no publisher or other middleman involved. The books are about to go on sale, where Amazon's distribution platform will make them available to 2.4 trillion Internet users. (*) This, distribution, is why you used to need, absolutely, a publisher; and why now, absolutely, you don't.

And we own the complete rights to these, our intellectual property, for all time – as opposed to giving up all conceivable rights to them until 70 years after our natural deaths (not to mention giving up virtually all control over what's done with them) in exchange for, on a good day, 8.5% of the cover price of any copies the publisher can be bothered to shift.

It used to be that the great thing was to have a high-powered agent and a Big Six publishing contract. Well, I've had both, and neither got me much of anything. Now, the great thing is to have the rights to your own IP – so that you (the one most qualified and, by far, most incentivized) can look after and exploit them yourself. Which we are now, suddenly and unexpectedly, empowered to do.

Amazing how life turns on a dime – sometimes in wonderful directions. (Or maybe persistence (*) – along with its helpmates resilience and resolve – makes all things possible.)

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Fuchs is the author of the novels The Manuscript and Pandora's Sisters, both published worldwide by Macmillan in hardback, paperback and all e-book formats (and in translation); the D-Boys series of high-tech, high-concept, spec-ops military adventure novels – D-Boys, Counter-Assault, and Close Quarters Battle (coming in 2016); and is co-author, with Glynn James, of the bestselling Arisen series of special-operations military ZA novels. The second nicest thing anyone has ever said about his work was: "Fuchs seems to operate on the narrative principle of 'when in doubt put in a firefight'." (Kirkus Reviews, more here.)

Fuchs was born in New York; schooled in Virginia (UVa); and later emigrated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lived through the dot-com boom. Subsequently he decamped for an extended period of tramping before finally rocking up in London, where he now makes his home. He does a lot of travel blogging, most recently of some very  long  walks around the British Isles. He's been writing and developing for the web since 1994 and shows no particularly hopeful signs of stopping.

You can reach him on .

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